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The Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine is committed to developing policy and practice relevant to geriatric medicine. This includes Position Statements on specific geriatric issues which have been approved by the Federal Council.
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ANZSGM Guidelines for Authors

  1. Elder Abuse - Revision of original paper
    Dr Susan Kurrle 5 September 2003
  2. Physical Restraint Use in Older People     Revision 2012
    Revision by Dr Julie Dikiciyan September 2012
    Original Paper:  Drs Barbara Sabangan, Benny Katz, Prof Leon Flicker 19 June 2005
  3. Geriatric Services in General Hospitals - Revision 2008
    Revision by Professor Len Gray and Dr Alison Cutler
    Original Paper:  Professor Len Gray and Dr Michael Dorevitch.
  4. Education and Training in Geriatric Medicine for Undergraduate Medical Students Revision of original paper
    Revision by Dr Vasi Naganathan - 29 March 2006
    Original Paper: Professor Paul Finucane
  5. Orthogeriatric Care -   Revision 2010
    Revision by Dr Jenson Mak, Dr Evelyn Wong and Professor Ian Cameron 2010.
    Original Paper: Professor Ian Cameron 14 November 2004
  6. Under-Nutrition and the Older Person Revision 2007
    Assoc Professor Renuka Visvanathan 7 September 2007
  7. Immunisation of Older People    New 2011
    Revision Number 2, coordinated by Assoc. Professor Michael Woodward 22 August 2011
  8. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and Community Practice     Revised 2011
    Revision by Dr Gail Jamieson and Associate Professor Robert Penhall   22 August 2011                                        
  9. The Geriatricians' Perspective on Medical Services to Residential Aged Care Facilities (RCF's) in Australia   New 2011
    Drs Penny Harvey and Sam Scherer 22nd August 2011
  10. The Geriatricians' Perspective on Medical Services to Residential Aged Care Facilities (RCF's) in Australia    New 2011
    Drs Penny Harvey and Sam Scherer 22nd August 2011
  11. Driving and Dementia - Revision of original paper 
    Revision by Professor Ian Cameron   September 2009
    Original Paper:  Dr Jane Hecker and Dr Carol Snellgrove
  12. Dysphagia and Aspiration in Older People Revision 2010
    Revision by Professor Daniel Kam Yin Chan, Dr Fintan O'Rourke, Dr Bin Soo Ong - 15 March 2010
    Original Paper:  Professor Daniel Kam Yin Chan, Dr Stephen Phoon, Dr Elaine Yeoh.
  13. Delirium in Older People - New 2012
    Revision by Drs Teck Yew and Sean Maher - 1st May 2012
    Original Paper: Coordinated by Dr Sean Maher
  14. Guidelines for the Management of Older Persons Presenting to Emergency Department Dr Lucy Kilshaw - May 2008 (Footnote - acknowledgement to Dr Philip Street for earlier contribution)
  15. Discharge Planning
    Dr Wen Kwang Lim, Dr Carol Chong, A/Prof Gideon Caplan, and Prof Len Gray - December 2008                                                                                    
  16. Palliative Care for the Older Person   
    Dr Jonathan Marriott and Dr Juli Moran - June 2009                                              
  17. Indigenous Ageing in Australia
    Dr Edward Strivens - September 2009                                                  
  18. Older persons in acute hospitals awaiting transfer to a residential aged care facility   
    Professor Len Gray and Dr Lucy Dakin - May 2010                             
  19. Obesity and the Older Persons     New 2011  
    A/Prof Renuka Visvanathan, Dr Cilla Haywood, Dr Cynthia Piantadosi & Dr Sarah Appleton - Revised 26th April 2011
  20. Sleep and the Older Person       New 2011   
    Dr Jane Fyfield and Dr Jessyln Lim                                     
  21. Pain in Older People       New 2012  
    Dr Clare White and Assoc Prof Benny Katz 
  22. Frailty in the Older Person    New 2013                                                                                                                   
    Dr Ruth Hubbard and Dr Kenneth Ng
  23. Exercise Guidelines for Older Adults    New 2013                                                                                                    
    Dr Michelle Dhanak and Assoc Professor Robert Penhall
  24. Ageing and Indigenous Health in Aotearoa New Zealand New 2013                                                                                Dr Oliver Menzies, Professor Ngaire Kerse and Dr Mere Kēpa                                                                                              


ANZSGM Position Statement Booklet (Sept 2014) 

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Euthanasia, Physician-Assisted Suicide and End of Life Care


A joint statement of the Faculty of Old Age of the Royal Australian and
New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine

Dr John Obeid - 19 June 2005


A Guide for Assessing Older People in Hospitals
This guide was commissioned by Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council (AHMAC) as a practical resource to assist medical, nursing and allied health professionals working with older people within a hospital setting.

Acute hospital care of the older person document
This paper was prepared by the Greater Metropolitan Transition Taskforce: an advisory body to the NSW Minister for Health

Guideline for the Prevention of Falls in Older Persons
American Geriatrics Society, British Geriatrics Society and American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Panel on Falls Prevention

Practical approaches for assessing older people
Canadian Family Physician In-office evaluation of medical fitness to drive

Summary Sheets

  1. Health and Aged Care - Dr Sam Scherer
  2. Dementia as a Priority Area - Professor Leon Flicker

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